Discrimination & Harassment
In the break room, another associate called me a disrespectful name associated with my nationality. What should I do?

Immediately report the incident to management through the Open Door process or contact Global Ethics.

A department manager regularly comments about how attractive I am, which makes me feel uncomfortable. What should I do?

We encourage you to tell the person to stop. If you’re not comfortable talking to the person or the activity does not stop, immediately report the issue to management through the Open Door process or contact Global Ethics.

Is my desk calendar with occasional stereotypical and sexual jokes appropriate in the workplace?

No. It could be offensive to someone else in the workplace. If you’re in any doubt, remove the item from the workplace.

An associate used a word in a meeting that is offensive to me. What should I do?

Speak up and tell the person if you feel comfortable. Some words are universally offensive but some are not. The associate might not know the word could be offensive to someone else. You also can exercise the Open Door process or contact Global Ethics. 


Will I be retaliated against for reporting concerns to Global Ethics?

As a company, Walmart strictly prohibits retaliation against an associate who makes a good faith report about a known or suspected violation of the Statement of Ethics.  Retaliation can take different forms, including:

  • Making threats, discriminating against or harassing someone
  • Assigning someone an unpopular job or arbitrarily increasing his or her workload
  • Denying someone benefits or training opportunities
  • Withholding information or excluding someone from meetings, events or discussions
  • Failing to recognize someone for work well done
  • Setting unrealistic deadlines to cause an associate to fail 
I reported an allegation six months ago. Ever since, my manager has stopped including me in several meetings. Is this retaliation?

Significant changes in how you’re treated may be retaliation. If your manager treats you differently after reporting an allegation, you should raise your concern to management through the Open Door process or by contacting Global Ethics.

One of my associates called the Helpline and made a false claim against me. I think she did it to hurt my career. Can I give her a lower rating on her evaluation since she is obviously trying to spread lies about me?

We should believe associates who report concerns do so in good faith. Taking action against an associate because the associate reported a concern is retaliation and may result in disciplinary action for you as a manager. Retaliation will not be tolerated at Walmart. It prevents an open reporting environment and encourages a culture of fear.

Is protection from retaliation only available if I report my concerns through the Helpline?

Retaliation is unacceptable no matter how you report your concern whether through management, Human Resources or Global Ethics. If you believe you have been retaliated against, report your concern to management through the Open Door process or contact Global Ethics.

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