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Intentional Dishonesty

An industry trade association has contacted me about participating in a benchmarking study for members of their association. This seems like a good way to obtain information about our competitors. Should we participate?

There is nothing wrong with participating in industry benchmarking activities. However, this should never be used as a means to obtain confidential information about competitors.

Our store has several associates who are behind on their CBLs. To avoid a late report being elevated to my manager, can I have my office associate take their CBLs and then cover the material with my associates during our team meetings?

No. Having your office associate complete the CBLs of other associates would not only be an act of intentional dishonesty, but also an unethical directive by the manager. This would compromise your integrity, as well as the integrity of the office associate and the associates who should be taking the CBLs. In addition, CBLs are used to ensure our associates are appropriately trained to handle specific situations they may encounter in their jobs. If you do not allow your associates to take their assigned CBLs, you are potentially putting your associates, customers and the company at risk.

I am applying for another job at Walmart. A requirement of the job is a college degree. I am actually due to finish my degree in a few months. Can I state that I have the degree on my resume?

No. You should be honest about your qualifications when seeking a job. Misrepresenting your education, experience, certifications or licensing is a dishonest act that could potentially put our company at risk as well as provide an unfair advantage in the candidate selection.

My manager has stated that, due to the difficulty involved in reaching the high bins in the backroom, we should acknowledge in the system that a bin audit has occurred when, in fact, it has not. What should I do?

What your manager is suggesting you do is to falsify bin audits, which is not only a dishonest act but also could be detrimental to our business. By not properly conducting your bin audits, you are potentially impacting the level of customer service at the store as well as impacting the store’s ability to maintain accurate in - stock levels. Additionally, your manager asked you to engage in a dishonest act. You should report this to management through the Open Door process or contact Global Ethics. 

Financial Integrity

My manager told me to markdown several items to zero but leave them on the shelves to sell because it will “help our inventory.” Is this acceptable?

No. The manipulation of markdowns is not only dishonest, but it also could affect the store’s profitability. If you’re being instructed to do this, report it to Global Ethics immediately.

An associate near me says she makes adjustments to our financial information so our “good months” will help out our “bad months.” Could this be an issue?

The manipulation of accounts and allowances is not only intentionally dishonest, but also is a financial integrity concern that can have serious consequences both personally and as a company. You should report this immediately to Global Ethics.

Insider Trading

Could I encourage a friend to buy that public company’s stock?

Encouraging others to purchase the stock would still be considered insider trading and is commonly referred to or known as “tipping.” The friend would be liable for insider trading, if he or she purchased shares based on your tip, and you would be liable for insider trading for giving the tip even though you did not buy any shares of the public company’s stock.

Restrictive Trade Practices

I was told I should boycott one of my suppliers because they conduct business in a certain country. Should I not do business with that supplier?

Although restrictions are sometimes placed on certain countries and individuals, it’s always best to speak to the Legal or Compliance Department before taking any action if you are instructed to boycott a supplier or country

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