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Alcohol & Drug Free Workplace

I was asked to take a drug test before accepting a promotion into management. Is this standard?

Where permitted by law, job applicants may be drug screened as part of the post-offer hiring process or prior to accepting a promotion into management. Any applicant who tests positive for illegal drug use will not be hired or promoted, and may be terminated. In addition, Walmart may require you to submit to drug testing, where permitted by law following certain on-the-job injuries or if there is reasonable basis to suspect you’re under the influence of drugs.

Is there somewhere I can go for help if I have a drug or alcohol problem?

Walmart operations in some countries provide counseling services. Please contact your manager through the Open Door process, your Human Resources manager or your local substance abuse counseling center for help

I’m attending a Walmart - sponsored group meeting where alcohol will be served. May I drink alcohol while there?

With prior approval from the market country president or corporate executive officer of the business unit sponsoring the event, alcohol may be served at some company-sponsored events. Associates of legal drinking age may consume alcohol at these events.

Inappropriate Conduct

A customer continues to call me bad names while in my checkout line. What should I do?

Contact a member of management or Asset Protection in your store.

Wage and Hour

My manager asks me to gather carts each evening on my way out to my car. Is this acceptable?

No. You should tell your manager you have already clocked out and it is a violation of company policy for you to work off-the-clock. You also should report the issue to management through the Open Door process or contact Global Ethics.

Walmart Assets

My manager told me when I travel with my laptop I should carry it on the plane with me. Is this really necessary?

Yes. When traveling with a company-issued laptop, you must carry it on the plane with you. It may not be checked with your baggage. It is necessary to protect the laptop and the information contained on it from theft, loss, misuse or damage.

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