Governmental & Political Activities

Governmental Contracts and Inquiries

We should not enter into any contract or agreement with any governmental entity for any purpose without prior written approval from the Legal and Anti-Corruption Compliance departments. This specifically includes accepting bids, contracts or purchase orders for products and services. Failure to follow this requirement may result in Walmart incurring significant compliance obligations and related expenses.

You must immediately report all inquiries from governmental entities or investigators to your manager or contact the Legal Department. All inquiries from government entities and investigators must be answered accurately and completely.

Political Involvement

Participation in the political process outside of work and during non-work time is admirable. You can make lawful contributions of personal funds to political activities; however, Walmart will not reimburse you for those activities unless required by law. Corporate funds shall not be provided to political candidates, entities or organizations without the express knowledge and written consent of Walmart’s Corporate Affairs Department. You cannot use your job title or company affiliation in connection with personal political activities unless that information is required by law.

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