Media Statements

Communication in the age of social media has changed the way we live and work. When events are unfolding or when people are simply looking for information, you may be viewed as a source of information about the company. As you talk with family members, customers and club members or participate in social media, we encourage you to share your Walmart story. If you are asked questions and are unsure of the answers, the company has created resources you may consult for the latest information, including the corporate website: Our associates play a critical role in sharing information with the public when unfortunate disasters occur or when communities are in need.

With regards to making public statements to media outlets such as television, news stations, local newspapers or trade publications, Walmart must ensure the accuracy of all information it provides to the public. You must receive prior written approval from the in-country or global Corporate Affairs Department before making any public statement, whether written or verbal, to such media outlets. For statements about financial matters, contact the Finance Department prior to making any statement or conducting any interview.

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