Protecting Personal & Business Information

In our daily business, we may be exposed to personal and business information about associates, customers, members, suppliers and our own company. It’s our responsibility to protect this information in accordance with applicable laws, our policies (including our records retention requirements), and our company beliefs.

Information may be physical (on paper) or electronic. You only should collect or save company business information needed to perform your job. You must manage such information securely through its lifecycle and in accordance with Walmart’s records management requirements. Confidential company information is divided into three classes of data: highly sensitive (high security), sensitive (medium security) and non-sensitive (low security).

Examples of ways to protect highly sensitive or sensitive information include:

  • Accessing the information for business purposes only
  • Sharing it with other associates for legitimate business purposes only
  • Preventing unauthorized access (for example, locking up highly sensitive data)
  • Returning all highly sensitive and sensitive information to Walmart along with any other Walmart property upon termination of employment
  • If there is no business need for keeping the data and no hold for legal purposes, dispose of it by placing it in a shredder or confidential bin; never throw it in the trash
In addition to protecting our trade secrets, it’s our policy to respect the trade secrets of others.

If you believe you have confidential company information that needs to be shared outside the company, seek approval from your manager or the Compliance Department before sharing information.

Trade secrets are an example of business data we must protect. In our pursuit of striving for excellence, we have invested in the development of systems, processes, products, business procedures and technology — our trade secrets — that have made us a leader in the retail industry and give us a competitive edge. All trade secrets are highly sensitive data and must be kept secure. In addition to protecting our trade secrets, it’s our policy to respect the trade secrets of others. No associate may reveal the trade secrets of the companies with which we conduct business or companies with which they were previously employed.

All associates should ensure their use of social media does not compromise the confidentiality of Walmart trade secrets, highly sensitive or sensitive business information.

Personal information about customers, members, suppliers and vendors must also be securely managed. Do not access or collect such information unless necessary to perform your job and only as directed by your manager. If you suspect there may be a breach of such personal information, notify a member of management, Human Resources or Global Ethics. Treat associate medical information the same.

Specific departments within our company may have special privacy rules or procedures. We must read, understand and stay current on information that applies to our specific areas of the business and job functions. Additionally, we must follow the applicable records management requirements. If you have questions about the record-keeping requirements that apply to your job, please contact the Compliance Department or the Privacy Office Records Management team for assistance.

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