Discrimination & Harassment Prevention

One of the basic beliefs upon which Sam Walton founded our company is “respect for the individual.” Each of us is responsible for creating a culture of trust and respect that promotes a positive work environment. This means treating one another with fairness and courtesy in all of our interactions in the workplace. We are committed to maintaining a diverse workforce and an inclusive work environment. Walmart prohibits discrimination in employment, employment-related decisions or in business dealings on the basis of an individual’s race, color, ancestry, age, sex, sexual orientation, religion, disability, ethnicity, national origin, veteran status, marital status, pregnancy or any other status protected by law or local policy. We should provide an environment free of discrimination to our associates, customers, members and suppliers.

Harassment in the workplace is prohibited regardless of whether it is welcome or unwelcome.

We believe in treating each other with respect, whether it’s a co-worker, supplier, customer or anyone doing business with us. Harassment is conduct which inappropriately or unreasonably interferes with work performance, diminishes the dignity of any person or creates an intimidating, hostile or otherwise offensive work environment based on an individual’s legally protected status. Verbal, visual, or physical conduct of a sexual nature is not acceptable in the workplace and may be determined to be sexual harassment. Examples include:

  • Sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, sexually explicit language, off-color jokes, remarks about a person’s body or sexual activities
  • Displaying sexually suggestive pictures or objects, suggestive looks, leering or suggestive communication in any form
  • Inappropriate touching, both welcome and unwelcome

We also prohibit other forms of harassment based on an individual’s legally protected status, such as:

  • Using slurs or negative stereotyping
  • Verbal kidding, teasing or joking
  • Intimidating acts, such as bullying or threatening
  • Any other conduct that shows hostility toward, disrespect for or mistreatment of an individual based on the individual’s legally protected status

Harassing conduct in the workplace, such as that described above, is prohibited regardless of whether it is welcome or unwelcome and regardless of whether the individuals involved are of the same or different sex, sexual orientation, race or other status. Again, Walmart prohibits retaliation and will not terminate, demote or otherwise discriminate against associates for reporting concerns.

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