• SA POV Trust 5right_position
  • Sam Walton POV Image"Personal and moral integrity is one of our basic fundamentals and it has to start with each of us"Sam Waltonleft_position light
  • SA_GameDignity and RespectThe way we treat all stakeholders.right_position dark
  • SA_CambridgeIntegrityThe high moral and ethical principles we apply.right_position dark
  • SA_DionWiredAccountabilityUnderstand and accept the consequences of choices we make.left_position dark
  • SA_Makro V3StewardshipTake decisions that enhance the long-term value for which we are responsible.right_position dark
  • SA_BuildersTrustWe are honest, fair and reliable in our dealings with stakeholders.left_position dark
  • SA_Jumbo_V1DiversityPlace a high value on leveraging individual, cultural, gender and talent differences.right_position dark
  • SA_Value_POVright_position

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