Create a Safe Place to Work and Shop


Making Walmart a safe place to work and shop builds trust with our associates and customers—and it’s the right thing to do. This includes stopping a task if conditions are unsafe, not working under the influence of alcohol, using proper protective equipment, following safe driving requirements, and only operating machinery or equipment for which you have been trained.


Walmart also has zero tolerance for violence and threats. Immediately report concerning behavior to a salaried manager or your Security Manager/Asset Protection Manager.

I was asked to take a drug test before accepting a new position. Is this standard?

Consistent with Walmart’s policy in effect in your work location, job applicants may be drug screened as part of the post-offer hiring process or prior to accepting certain positions. In addition, Walmart may require you to submit to drug testing, where permitted by law following certain on-the-job injuries or if there is reasonable basis to suspect you’re under the influence of drugs. Any applicant or associate who tests positive for illegal drug use may be ineligible for employment. 


Japan Only:

Seiyu does not require applicants and employees to submit to drug testing. 

Is there somewhere I can go for help if I have a drug or alcohol problem?

Walmart operations in some countries provide counseling services. Please contact your manager, People Lead or your local substance abuse counseling center for help.

Is it okay for another associate to operate a forklift without a license if I am licensed and supervising their work?

It's not okay to ignore a safety hazard even if your manager says not to worry about it. Talk with another manager or your People Lead about your concerns. If you still have a safety concern following your discussions, contact Ethics & Compliance.