Compete Fairly


We believe success comes from offering quality products and services through free and fair competition. Anti-competitive practices harm our customers. Fair competition leads to stronger innovation, lower prices, and better quality.

When visiting a competitor store, you may only take note of public information (e.g. shelf prices). Do not discuss business with the employees or management. Plans for your store (assortment, product display, clearance promotions, etc.) should never be shared with a competitor and likewise, you must not learn about a competitor's competitively sensitive information.  

No, this conduct is prohibited under Walmart's Global Antitrust and Competition Law Policy. All Walmart associates have the responsibility to protect Walmart's confidential and sensitive business information.  One supplier's costing information to Walmart is confidential and should not be shared with another supplier, inappropriately.   If you notice an issue like this, you should contact Antitrust Compliance in your market or Ethics & Compliance. 

In addition to protecting Walmart's sensitive information, associates have a responsibility to refuse sensitive and confidential information belonging to our competitors.  Receiving competitively sensitive information about our competitors can create risk for you and the company even when the information was not solicited.  Associates must recognize where they have received non-public information about a competitor and escalate this to Legal & Compliance.   We will help you make a "Noisy Exit" which means creating a clear record that you have refused the information and are not acting upon it.