Deliver Quality Healthcare


We are committed to providing quality healthcare when and where our customers need it. Delivering service and products the right way strengthens our customers’ trust in us. This includes adhering to professional standards, properly handling and dispending medication and products, protecting patient confidently, and billing fairly and accurately for products and services we provide.

No. Only associates certified to perform the work of a pharmacist are permitted to do this work. Associates should notify a member of management, their People Lead or Ethics & Compliance if they see this occur.

Do not interfere with a pharmacist’s decision not to dispense a prescription or try to facilitate a resolution. Walmart supports our pharmacists when they exercise their professional judgment not to fill a prescription. If you have questions, please contact your pharmacy manager or Ethics & Compliance.

Generally, no. There are legal requirements governing what can be provided to customers whose healthcare is funded in whole or in part by federal government programs such as Medicare or Medicaid. You should notify Ethics & Compliance if any improper incentive or “kickback” is provided to a customer receiving healthcare services paid for by the federal government.