Raising Concerns

Walmart takes all reported concerns or allegations seriously.


We confidentially review each ethics allegation to determine if any law, policy or the Code of Conduct has been violated and assign for investigation where appropriate.  If an investigation is warranted, Global Ethics and Compliance is committed to protecting the integrity of these investigations. This includes protecting individuals who report the concern or allegation, as well as any witnesses, from being harassed, intimidated, or retaliated against. Additionally, we strive to keep evidence from being destroyed, verifying testimony provided, and identifying and addressing root causes.


We may reasonably impose a requirement that witnesses maintain the investigation and their role in the investigation in the strictest confidence. In such cases, individuals must maintain confidentiality and not discuss the investigation with others during the course of the investigation. Global Ethics & Compliance does not generally disclose investigation details, but you will be informed of the status of the investigation.