Use Data and Technology Respectfully


When our customers, associates, and business partners share data and information with us, we understand the importance of keeping it safe and using it—and technology—ethically in ways they expect. We will maintain and grow the trust people have in us by respectfully using technology, respecting individuals’ privacy, and protecting their data.

If you believe customer or associate personal information has been left unsecured, misplaced, or disposed of improperly, you should immediately report it through your local data incident reporting channel. Contact your manager or the Digital Citizenship/Privacy Compliance team if you have additional questions or need further guidance.  

All third party companies must be assessed, and contracts must be in place. Follow all local procedures for contracts and due diligence reviews, and contact your manager or the legal department for further guidance.

All associates must retain company records in accordance with their local record retention schedule. The records retention schedule can help you determine what business records need to be retained. Records subject to Legal Hold may not be disposed of even if they have met retention guidelines. Contact your manager, the Digital Citizenship/Privacy Compliance team, or legal if you have additional questions or need further guidance.