Follow International Trade Rules

Our business involves the movement of products, services, information, and technology around the world, including across international borders. We are committed to sourcing, importing, and exporting products and other items the right way. Conducting our international trade activities properly is critical to earning and maintaining trust in our business, allowing us to move these items as necessary to support our customers around the world.


Integrity in Action


  • Provide accurate information. Take care when providing classification, valuation, country of origin, and other applicable regulatory agency data.
  • Follow trade compliance laws and our policies. If your work in the supply chain involves moving goods across international borders, know and follow the laws of countries where you do business. Understand that multiple countries’ laws may apply. Prior to engaging a third party to assist in the movement of goods across international borders, ensure that such third parties have all necessary internal approvals (for example, from Walmart Anti-Corruption Compliance).
  • Follow sanctions laws and our policies. Before sourcing from a country, confirm that doing so is permitted under applicable law. Many governments keep a list of countries and people with whom companies may not do business. Subject to applicable local laws, don’t conduct business with companies or people if Walmart would be barred from doing so.
  • Seek guidance. Prior to negotiating international transactions, reach out to Ethics & Compliance or Legal to discuss any trade implications.

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