Protect Our Property

Taking care of Walmart’s property helps us achieve Every Day Low Cost. Walmart property—including computers, merchandise, tools, furniture, vehicles, and office supplies—is provided so you can do your job and Walmart can succeed as a business. We are trusted to use Walmart property properly and protect it against loss, theft, misuse, damage, or waste.


Integrity in Action


  • Be a good steward. Wise use of our resources and funds enables Every Day Low Cost.
  • Protect Walmart funds. Use funds for their intended purpose. Obtain all required approvals before incurring an expense.
  • Protect intellectual property. To the extent allowed by local law, anything you create as part of your job—including inventions, discoveries, ideas, artwork, and other process improvements—is Walmart property and remains Walmart property when you leave the company.
  • Report misuse. If you are aware of Walmart property being misused, report it to your manager, People Lead, or Ethics & Compliance.

A customer returned a damaged item, and I know we can’t sell it. May I take it home?

No. Even if merchandise is damaged or out of date, it’s still Walmart property. Properly account for and process the item through the established returns process.