Sell Safe Food and Products

We take our responsibility as one of the world’s largest grocers and retailers seriously. Our customers expect that the food and products they buy from us are safe. To earn their trust, we must source, transport, prepare, and sell safe and compliant food and merchandise. We have high internal standards, and we expect the same of our suppliers.

Integrity in Action


  • Respond quickly to product recalls and removals. To keep customers safe, execute recall and removal processes with urgency.
  • Report possible food or product hazards. If you become aware of a safety issue with an item, tell your manager and contact Ethics & Compliance.
  • Deliver end-to-end food safety. We maintain food safety throughout our supply chain—from supplier or Walmart processing facility, through transportation and warehousing, to online distribution or sale in a store—there are food safety requirements in each stage. Follow the requirements that apply to you.
  • Follow the Food Safety High Five. Know and follow the Food Safety High Five to keep food safe.
  • Know your suppliers. Only source from suppliers that follow our food and product safety requirements.
  • Follow food and product safety laws and our policies. Know the food safety and product safety procedures that are relevant to your role and follow them.

One of my coworkers in the Deli often fails to wash her hands when she returns from a break. I talked to her about how important it is to wash hands, but she still isn’t washing them every time. What should I do?

Washing hands properly every time is required and is key to keeping our food safe. Talk to any member of your management team about this situation. If your concerns are not addressed by your management, contact Ethics & Compliance.

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