Work the Right Way

At Walmart, our associates are the key to our success. We pay people accurately for their work and hours. We respect human rights and prohibit the use of underage or forced labor anywhere we do business. We believe that when we take good care of one another, we will take good care of our customers and communities.

Integrity in Action


  • Verify eligibility. Managers or People Leads should inspect, verify, and document the identity and employment authorization of every new associate, including associates on global assignment in a country different from their home country.
  • Work only when compensated. Do not perform work without pay. Know and follow the procedures related to breaks, days of rest, and overtime.
  • Choose partners carefully. Only work with suppliers and vendors who have all necessary internal approvals. Suppliers must uphold our Standards for Suppliers and their contracts.
  • Follow all labor, employment, and immigration laws and policies. Know the labor and employment policies and procedures that are relevant to your role.

My manager asked me to gather carts on my way out to my car after my shift. Is this allowed?

No. Tell your manager you have already clocked out and you do not want to violate company policy by working off the clock. If your manager insists or gives you a hard time, report this to your next level manager, People Lead, or Ethics & Compliance.

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