Source Responsibly

We respect the rights of the people who make the products we sell. We believe they should have a safe and healthy working environment, and we prohibit the use of underage or forced labor in our supply chain.

Integrity in Action


  • Know our standards. Our Standards for Suppliers set expectations in our supply chain. Our associates and suppliers should know and follow these standards.
  • Select responsible suppliers. Only work with suppliers who meet our Responsible Sourcing Compliance program requirements and who are committed to producing food and products that meet legal, industry, and Walmart standards.
  • Hold suppliers accountable. Suppliers should disclose factories as required by Walmart, complete and turn in audits on time, and work with their facilities to remediate all non-compliances identified during audits.
  • Follow our responsible sourcing policy. Know the responsible sourcing procedures that apply to your role and follow them.
  • Speak up. If you suspect a supplier or factory is not meeting our Standards for Suppliers, contact Ethics & Compliance.

On a recent factory visit, I noticed some of the workers appeared fearful, but the supplier said everything was fine. What should I do?

If you suspect workers are being mistreated, report it to Ethics & Compliance. They will look into the concern and may follow up with the supplier as needed.

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