Deliver Quality Healthcare

We are committed to providing healthcare when and where our customers need it. Delivering service and products the right way strengthens our customers’ trust in us.


Integrity in Action


  • Adhere to professional standards. Maintain all professional licenses and certifications as required for your role. Report to your manager all issues associated with your ability to legally perform your job duties. Do not provide professional services beyond the authority of your licenses and certifications or if your required credentials lapse or are revoked.
  • Provide quality care. Providing quality patient care in a safe and responsible manner is our mission. You are expected to exercise sound professional judgment and work to understand the healthcare needs of the patients you serve.
  • Properly handle and dispense prescription medication. Follow all laws, regulatory entity rules, and policies for the safe handling, prescribing, and dispensing of prescription medication. Report accidental or improper prescribing or dispensing to your manager, in the established error reporting systems, or to Ethics & Compliance in a manner that complies with any applicable local privacy laws.
  • Protect patient confidentiality. Prevent the improper use or disclosure of patient health information. Never look up patient information that is not needed for your role.
  • Bill fairly and accurately for products and services. Payments received in error must be refunded, and all billing errors should be investigated and resolved. Billing for medical services must be accurate and timely, and services must be medically necessary.
  • Follow healthcare laws and our policies. Know the health and wellness procedures that are relevant to your role and follow them.

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